Across the street from Berkeley Bowl grows an exotic fruit

A Comprehensive Guide to the East Bay Area’s Locally Growing Resources


Every Sunday, Gill Tract Farm has volunteer hours (12–3pm) and a free farm stand (3–5pm).
A resident, who prefers to remain anonymous, cultivates active mushroom colonies of strains of oyster, shiitake, and lion’s mane, that are grown on wood chips and recycled tree waste, including cardboard and discarded books.

Lifeforms of Function

Milkweed, a common Bay Area yard plant that provides the sole food of Monarch Butterfly caterpillars, has been commercially cultivated for its soft tufted-seeds for use as hypoallergenic pillow-stuffing.
Amy sports her cardigan dyed with Gymnopilus ventricosus mushrooms.
Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that is cultivated in many Asian countries as food and building materials, and is processed to make paper, fabric, and plastic
Rosemary can be easily cloned by taking cuttings and letting them “root” in water before planting them.

Bay Area Pharmaceutical Gardens

Foraging for Fitness

Climbing trees, for harvesting fruit or mere enjoyment, provides the body with dynamic challenges.
Many high-performing individuals have diets that primarily consist of the kinds of edible lifeforms listed in this article.
Prolific forager Rob Greenfield documented his experiences of living a year only eating food that he grew and foraged while living in Orlando, Florida. (

Strange Fruit

There is soil remediation lore is that sunflowers can remediate lead-contaminated soil. The jury is still out.

A Note on Pests

Tomato plants serve as hosts for the five-spotted hawk moth, referred to as “tomato hornworm” in their caterpillar stage

“How much should I take?”

In times of extreme abundance and distant consumers, transportation technology may be used to ferry foraged goods. Pictured: Ariel, Keigan, and Leela with a harvest of figs, grapes, apples, pears and plums in a neighborhood of Boyes Hot Springs.

“Is there enough to go around?”

Segments of horsetail, available at Dover Edible Park, can be used to contain small seeds.

Enter Berkeley Bowl

Growing Land

The Evolving Climate

Forager’s Digital Toolbox

iNaturalist, FallingFruit, MakeSoil, Leela Maps, Google Maps
While capturing the headline image, an Amazon Prime delivery van pulled up next to me and its driver told me to get in, and that he would pay me to do so. This, too, was charted on Leela Maps.

Transcending the Screen

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